Factors to Consider When Choosing a Pergola

17 May

Pergolas improve the value of your backyard. Apart from adding visual appeal, it also increases the resale value of the property. It is more reasons why a lot of people are considering pergolas nowadays when they are restructuring or doing an overhaul of their gardens. When you intend to build the most beautiful pergolas, here are some of the factors to take into consideration. 

The first factor to consider is the purpose of the pergola. Begin by asking yourself the reason for having a pergola in your garden. Do you need it? Is it a necessity or is it for luxury purposes of enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your garden? Sometimes you may want to have a pergola because you have seen it in your neighbor's house. After determining why you need the pergola, then you have the whole picture of how you want your pergola to look like. You are aware of the shape that you want, the structure, the space needed for the pergola as well as how much money you intend to spend.

Consider the design and shape. Before you hire a company to put up a pergola in your backyard, you need to have already decided on the design and the shape that you want. There are numerous factors that determine the shape and the design of the pergola. Your aesthetic taste will be the primary determinant of the shape and design that you want. In addition to that, read more other factors to consider the best design and shape for your garden as well as how much space you you will need to build your most beautiful pergola.

Consider the material of the pergola. Even though a few materials can be used when designing pergolas, the best materials are timber and aluminum. Timber will offer a more natural or rustic appearance and feel to the pergola. But,  you must regularly maintain the timber to prevent it from having fungi, termites, or being affected by moisture. On the other hand, aluminum is light in weight and it is easier to maintain. It is the best material to choose if your home is close to the sea. Aluminum can withstand humidity and salty air at the seaside. Timber is not a good alternative in such places because it will erode quickly. The best material to choose for your pergola will depend on where you live.

Another factor to take into account is roofing and lighting. When choosing pergola builders, talk to them about the roofing and lighting of the pergola. Ensure that the pergola offers sufficient shade from the rain and sunlight and at the same time offering ventilation. If you intend to spend time under the pergola during the night, then choose a pergola that has sufficient lighting. The reason for this is that it will offer a comforting ambiance. In addition to that,  the roof ought to be protective to safeguard the lights and circuits from external elements.

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